Scientific American Magazine Vol 329 Issue 3

Scientific American

Volume 329, Issue 3

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Why We'll Never Live in Space

Medical, financial and ethical hurdles stand in the way of the dream to settle in space

It's Time to Engineer the Sky

Global warming is so rampant that some scientists say we should begin altering the stratosphere to block incoming sunlight, even if it jeopardizes rain and crops

Wine's True Origins Are Finally Revealed

A broad genetic study has revised the prevailing narrative about how wine grapes spread around the world

Artificial Intelligence Could Finally Let Us Talk with Animals

AI is poised to revolutionize our understanding of animal communication


Fungi Make Safer Fireproofing Material
Science News Briefs from around the World: October 2023
Mutated Gene That Causes Webbed Limbs in Humans May Have Given Bats Wings
Some Metals Mysteriously Heal Their Own Cracks
Cannibalistic Dads May Be Contributing to Hellbender Salamander Declines
Fish Skin Can Heal Other Animals' Eye Injuries
Ancient Honey-and-Vinegar Combo Could Actually Treat Infected Wounds
New Wildlife Tracker Powers Itself as Animals Walk, Trot and Run
Above-Elbow Bionic Arm Can Control Every Finger
New Chemical Process Offers Hope for Mixed-Plastics Recycling
Underground Climate Change Is Weakening Buildings in Slow Motion
Nearby Supernova Gives Unique View of a Dying Star's Last Days
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago
History: October 2023
The Science of Health
How to Figure Out if Moderate Drinking Is Too Risky for You
Graphic Science
See How AI Generates Images from Text
Readers Respond to the May 2023 Issue
A Fictional Psychological Thriller about the Rise of AI
Rosalind Franklin Deserves a Posthumous Nobel Prize for Co-discovering DNA Structure
Poem: 'Message to My Beloved Sibling'
From the Editor
Introducing Scientific American's Redesign, Newsletter and Podcasts
The Universe
We Need to Widen the 'Habitable Zones' Seen around Alien Stars
Innovations In
Fixing Air Pollution Could Dramatically Improve Health Disparities
The Father of Environmental Justice Exposes the Geography of Inequity
People Who Are Changing the Environment One Community at a Time
Valley Fever Is a Growing Fungal Threat to Outdoor Workers
For Health Equity, Location Matters
More People Die from Venomous Snakebites Each Year Than Have Ever Died from Ebola
Discrimination Has Trapped People of Color in Unhealthy Urban 'Heat Islands'
Mind Matters
To Stay Sharp as You Age, Learn New Skills
The Science Agenda
Building Codes Save Money and Lives
How Far Should We Take Our Cosmic Humility?
Only 26 Black Women Have Ever Become Astrophysicists in the U.S. Here's One's Story