What Makes Canadian Pharmacies Charge Lower Prices Than the Pharmacies in America

Most countries around the world charge different prices for prescription drugs. If you do your research well you will realize that for specific countries, the price of drugs is almost the same. The disparities in the prices of drugs are clearer when you compare America and Canada. Drugs being sold in America cost more than the same drugs that are sold by Canadian pharmacies. That is why many Americans wish the pharmacies in America will be more like the Canadian pharmacies. There are Americans that cross the border to take drugs from Canada.

It is therefore very important to know the reasons why Canadian pharmacies have lower prices. In this article we are going to have a deeper look as to why the Canadian pharmacies charge lower prices than American pharmacies. The first reason is that there is no regulatory body that has been established in the US to regulate the prices of prescription drugs. Because of this, the drug prices that are currently prevailing in the US market were set by the American drug manufacturers.

If there was a regulatory body they would have stopped them from charging such high prices. This can be looked at as a very big factor that is responsible for these differences. Also the American pharmacies are the ones that have a say in the amount of money that patients pay out of pocket. A very bad consequence of this situation is that a high number of people cannot be able to follow the prescription given to them. This leaves many people sick. For the Canadian pharmacies, there is some regulation to it. That is why they cheap drug prices which are very low.

Also, the regulatory body in Canada makes sure prices are never too high. The number of online Canadian pharmacies is very high. The popularity of online pharmacies is very significant in Canada. The good thing about them is that they also abide by the price regulations that have been set. There is a certain organization that has conducted studies that have been able to clearly prove that purchasing drugs from online pharmacies in Canada is a very cheap and a good option. The only thing that you need to ensure is that you have selected one that is legal and licensed. The only way that you can use to confirm any of the above is when you ask to see the license that they have. The US has laws that have been made just to prevent any interference in drug pricing by Medicare.